School Bus Tracker

School Bus Tracker is the flavor of vehicle tracking system specialized for parents of kids using school bus transport.

The application sends the SMS alerts to the parents just few minutes before arrival of bus to its designated stop, thus saving the precious time by avoiding long wait for bus. Parents get a sense of security by knowing the current location of bus in case of emergencies like riots, abnormal weather conditions, traffic jams etc.

Schools offering this value added service get aid in showing their concerns for students and their parents. Schools also indirectly provide security to the students by giving them such facilities. This systems aid schools in getting preferred school status from parents by offering such distinguishing services.

Welcome state-of-the-art technology into your school

The School Bus Tracker is based on the globally known and proven Global Positioning System technology. This is how a global courier company keeps track of millions of packages it sends around the globe, how a global oil company monitors the location and movement of its colossal fleet of delivery vehicles. We have customized the same advanced technology to suit your school’s specific requirements and bring you a world of benefits and conveniences.

  • You get real time data on stops made by bus and pick up/drop of students at these stops
  • You can communicate with any driver of your bus fleet real time through sms
Be seen as part of the new breed of innovative schools

It's a world where people see change on a daily basis. Naturally, people who’re considering enrolling their wards in your school would expect to see modernity in your school's operations and practices. Needless to say, a system as advanced would only help you make the right impression to questioning parents.

  • Parents will receive SMS alerts when the school bus is two stops away for pickup/drop
  • Parents will receive SMS alerts whenever the child gets into the bus/off the bus with location details
  • Parents will get info on school bus’s location and expected time of arrival for pick up/drop
Take student safety to an all new level

Though you can watch over your students within school premises, you are helpless when it comes to ensuring their safety and wellbeing once they get into the school bus. The School Bus Tracker addresses this impending need with some amazing features.

  • Get alerts on bus delays
  • Get alerted if any student steps into a wrong bus
  • Know the location of any bus in emergencies like rainstorms, riots, traffic snarls etc
  • Monitor every student getting into the school bus
  • Detect unscheduled stops made by the bus

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