Radio Taxi Dispatch System

The radio taxi business is flourishing in India with the government making conscious efforts in this area to improve the commuting experience of the common man. Radio Taxi Dispatch System (RTDS) is a fleet management system developed by DATAVOICE is specially designed for the radio taxi business keeping in mind Indian conditions. It is simple and uncomplicated and it does not require expensive and complicated hardware to support it!!! This makes it very cost effective. Also they are so user friendly that even an ordinary layman can understand and deliver results eliminating the need of high ended skilled resources. While achieving all this we have ensured that the system is accurate, reliable and also takes care of security aspects which are required for data processing. The system is robust enough to take care of scalability issues which may be faced in future.

The RTDS uses a Mobile Data Transmitter (MDT) unit which is indigenously developed in house by Data Voice using the most modern and sophisticated technology, along with indigenously developed in house CRM software which keeps you informed about the location of all your taxis online in real time. The information which is plotted on a map allows you to have a graphical picture of your operations in real time 24X7, 365 days.

The CRM has capabilities of automatic as well as manual dispatching to allow you the flexibility to operate with ease in any conditions. For best of the both world you may chose to use a combination of both modes. Heart of the CRM is an Intelligent Engine (IE) which calculates the drivers distance from the pick-up location and assigns the taxi booking to the most appropriate taxi driver. The system is programmable to allow you the flexibility to define your policies and guidelines for dispatching. In the automatic mode where the system takes care of the whole operations, sometimes human intervention is required in special case and the system allows you to operate manually and manage the dispatches manually.

The system also takes care of the safety aspects of both the cabbie as well as customer. We have a driver panic button on the MDT which enable the driver to raise an alarm in the control center in case of an emergency. Also in case the customer feels unsafe or wants to raise an alarm to the central control he has a panic button which raises an alarm in the control center.

The CRM generates couple of reports which can give you an insight to your operations. Our reports are analytical and bring out the areas where you can improve on and will help you use your resources better and maximize your output and thereby increasing your productivity. The reports are configured in such a manner that it will highlight any misuse or unhealthy practices adopted by the Cabbies.

Once we install the system we take special care in providing training of all aspects of the system to the customer team and ensure that the knowledge is transferred to the customer team in totality. We ensure proper handholding during the initial phase of the system till the customer team gets accustomed to the system. We also believe in after sales service and offer our support to customer when ever needed even after the warranty period.

We also realize that while partnering with our customers we may be exposed to many critical business functions and processes of the customer, however maintaining the confidentiality of such functions and processes is of prime importance to us and we don't view it as an obligation but a primary responsibility towards our customer.

When you engage DATAVOICE you will definitely experience the difference in our approach viz a viz our competitors.

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