Biometric Palmvein Reader

The Palmvein Reader is the future of personal ID authentication devices featuring greater than ever ease of use as well as functional efficacy and accuracy.

The world has witnessed regular evolutions of personal ID authentication devices. Voice recognition, fingerprint analysis, iris scanning, image matching and more. Every successive technology has raised the bar in identity screening accuracy. Every evolving technology has moved closer to the ultimate goal of error-free performance. This brings us to the most advanced version in ID screening technology that’s miles ahead of every existing alternate available…The Palmvein Reader.

What is a Palmvein Reader

Every human palm has a distinctive pattern of veins. The Palmvein Reader uses this unique pattern as its basis for ID screening. The Palmvein Reader packs the technology to identify and record each individual’s distinct vein structure in the palm and uses this recorded data for subsequent ID authentication.

Why Choose Palmvein Reader

Greatest ease of Use
All you need to do is hold out your palm

Highest rate of accuracy
Internal vein structures never change. Therefore, the results will not fluctuate with any number of readings.

Zero possibility of duplication
Vein structures are among the few things that can never be duplicated.

Works only with ‘Live’ Individuals
Records vein patterns only in live individuals. Therefore, zero possibility of manipulations involving deceased entities.

Applicability at multiple levels
Ease of use and speed in results make it suitable for application in mass public low-risk as well as limited staff high-risk zones.

Zero risk of contamination/infection
Users don’t make any contact with the device

100% Enrollment
No possibility of rejecting any user as can be the case with fingerprint/ iris id authentication

Application sectors of the Palmvein Reader


  • Authentication of locker users
  • Cash Management authentication


  • Operation Theaters, Laboratories and other restricted areas
  • Defense/ Research installations

  • Labs
  • High priority areas
  • Attendance Management


  • Headquarters
  • Depots
  • Attendance Managementt

Educational Institutions/ Government Establishments/ Others

  • Authentication during examination & admission using portable Palmvein Readers
  • Remote location authentication using optional GPS & GPRS interface


Customisation of Palmvein Reader

The Palmvein Reader can come with camera, GPS and GPRS interface as per custom applications.

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